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In John 9, Jesus not only healed the blind beggar's eyes, He anointed them. What does it mean to have anointed eyes?

Written by: Kersley Fitzgerald



It takes a special grace to adopt a child. But even more grace to watch him slip away.

Written by: MeLissa LeFleur


Are upcoming lunar eclipses a precursor to fulfilled prophecy? Is something significant about to happen to Israel? Or are blood moons just astronomical anomalies?

Written by: Jeff Laird

To Serve, Or Not To Serve?  |  Apr 15, 2014

Across the country, the government is insisting Christian business owners act against their conscience. What should we do when the law and Christian ethics collide?

Read more...Jeff Laird
Thanks for the Decade!  |  Apr 9, 2014

Jeff Laird looks back over ten years as a volunteer writer for Got Questions.

Read more...Jeff Laird

In Matthew 6:5-6, Jesus tells us to pray in private. Does that mean we shouldn't share prayer requests on social media sites?

Read more...S. Michael Houdmann

Is being politically correct the new behavioral standard for everyone in the emerging global society? Is political correctness a new tool of evil with the power to isolate and demonize anyone who does disagrees with group values?

Read more...Jim Allen

Should a privately-held belief that breaks no laws and violates no employer principles be grounds for dismissal? Mozilla, Brendan Eich, and the smudged fine line.

Read more...Jim Parker

It's well-established that the 'Noah' movie diverges wildly from the biblical account. But if rock monsters and a murderous Noah aren't from the Bible, where are they from? What inspired the 'Noah' movie?
Read more...Kersley Fitzgerald

Pray for America  |  Mar 31
Will America learn to pray again to God in time to stop the ungodly forces of evil intent on destroying it?
Read more...Jim Allen

What is biblical about the Noah movie? What is unbiblical about the Noah movie? Should a Christian see the Noah movie?
Read more...S. Michael Houdmann

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