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If salvation can be lost, can it also be re-found? What sins result in salvation being lost? How can I know if I need to be re-saved, or if I just need to confess my sin and repent?

Written by: S. Michael Houdmann


Jesus' genealogy reveals two things to us: Who He is to us and who we are to Him. The broken branches in His family tree show He can accept the brokenness in us.

Written by: Laurel Davis


As the end of this age approaches, many believers have a faith that looks to the words of others to light their path. What does it mean to live on borrowed faith?

Written by: Jim Allen

Music from a Fallen Christian  |  Oct 30, 2014

Should we listen to music performed or written by a Christian who lives in unrepentant sin? Or has wrong theological beliefs? Where do you draw the line between entertainment and influence?

Read more...Kersley Fitzgerald

When God gives gifts to others in the church body, do we thank Him? We should be grateful to others and give honor where honor is due. But we must not forget the Source.

Read more...Gwen Sellers

What happens when we break our promises to God? Will He punish us? Or remind us that we don't need to try to impress our heavenly Father?
Read more... Don Balbieran

God wields His Word like a two-edged sword to cut off His enemies on the one hand, and on the other to cut out the crap that plagues His imperfect children.
Read more... Laurel Davis

Eschatology is a legitimate field of study. But it's more important to know where you stand with Christ than to know the details of His return.
Read more... Jeff Laird

Movie Review: The Judge  |  Oct 22
If you have love or justice without the other, you don't really have either.
Read more... Kersley Fitzgerald

A Ghost Story  |  Oct 22
Are ghosts real? Do people come back from the dead to haunt us? Or are we visited by something far more dangerous?
Read more... Robin Schumacher

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