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Johnathan Edwards' message to sinners is as applicable to religious extremist terrorists today as it was to his audience in the 1730s. But we would be fools to think it doesn't apply to us, as well, in issues such as abortion.

Written by: Jim Allen


Does receive a lot of hate mail? What are some of the most egregious examples of people sending hate mail?

Written by: S. Michael Houdmann


There is no excuse — the wide-open spaces give us the freedom to have relationships driven by God's truth, not others' actions.

Written by: Kersley Fitzgerald


No responsible parent would let a child speak at them with insults and vulgarities. So why do people think it's okay to use blasphemy against God?

Read more... Jeff Laird
What color is your life?  |  Sep 10, 2014

Classrooms use a color chart to check students' attitudes from "Outstanding" to "Parent Contact." What color is your attitude?

Read more... Laurel J. Davis

Controlling your kids' access to the internet is important to protect them from child trafficking — and to protect their hearts.
Read more... Kersley Fitzgerald

Abusing the Sheeple  |  Sep 3
Spiritual abuse by church leaders is a continuing problem. How should believers respond to abusers living among us?
Read more... Jim Allen

Evidence of Exodus  |  Sep 3
Many critics claim there is no evidence of large slave populations in Egypt — as usual, those claims have no basis in fact, and there is substantial archaeological evidence which fits nicely with the Biblical Exodus.
Read more... Jeff Laird

Infectious True Love  |  Sep 3
Only by a personal relationship through Jesus Christ can anyone really know true love. God's love is not "too good to be true" but is as good as it is because of the very fact that it is true. God is love as well as truth.
Read more... Laurel J. Davis

The timing of the Rapture is a common debate among Christian scholars. Robin Schumacher explains why a pre-tribulation rapture is not only possible, it's the viewpoint best supported by the Bible.
Read more... Robin Schumacher

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